In search of dreams

I always dreamed of going to college …. my dream was to be a dentist and I knew I would have to fight to achieve my goal.


As a simple family, my parents would not be able to afford such an expensive college.

I always went to public school, I was never Daddy’s baby.


I scraped hard, studied, studied at home, and finally passed the USP entrance exam.


It was five years of much struggle, much study and often difficulties because it could not work since college was integral.


Over the years, many academic work needed to be done, all within ABNT standards. Who does college knows what I am saying, students need to be flawless in delivery and this is required since the first semester.


Many times I thought I would not be able to, how many times I thought about giving up, but a force invaded me and if the impulse renewed.


I remember as if it were today the first day of attendance at the college clinics, what fear I felt …. After all we are dealing with lives …. and this is not simple …


But after having gone through all this long five years of gratification, determination and focus.

I finally felt motivated to move on, I felt like a doctor.

Little did I know that the last battle was to come, quite complex, full of challenges and fights.

The fearsome TCC, the quarrels were with the group, with the advisor, with myself, because I was always demanding.

I knew exactly what my theme was, but I could not begin, how many times I went to the library after each orientation, crying because I was finding myself incapable.

So if I really wanted to eliminate this phase and get my diploma, I would have to have a plan of action.

That would really help me get my head “set in order” full of ideas expectations.

I set up my plan and I followed the …

And gave everything so right, that my presentation was with praise note 9

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